The Safe Method for Clean Up After a Fire

Expert Cleaning Method for Fire and Smoke Damage

Dry ice blasting has always been an ideal way for quick recovery from smoke and fire damage. Ice blasting is one of the best cleaning methods for residential and commercial structures that require restoration after being ravaged by fire. It’s a perfect solution as it allows quick recovery for buildings that have been affected by fire damages.

Dry ice blasting also referred to as CO2 blasting is a very effective industrial cleaning method. The blog has quite a bit of information regarding different uses and the process itself. You can also find them on Facebook – Apex Dry Ice Blasting where you can watch videos of how this process works.

How dry ice blasting assists in dealing with fire and smoke damage

a) Quick recovery from commercial fire damages
Dry ice blasting assists in saving time without the need for a special service when combating commercial fire damage. Direct fire effects and other elements lead to harsh environments and further damages while soot and fire residues lead to leaking of toxic chemicals in the air while continuing to eat away surface materials. It’s quite easy to remove such elements harmlessly and quickly without needing special waste removals or chemicals. Dry ice pellets sublimate and don’t create secondary wastes; additional cleanup isn’t necessary when doing fire restoration using dry ice blasting.
b) Thorough cleaning
A house that is undergoing construction or renovation can experience a fire in any area such as electrical fires, a kitchen fire or even fire from candles. In such situations, what is important is how to recover from such fire disasters. Any time you want to remove negative effects of fire elements like smoke odors or soot, dry ice blasting is a gentle cleaning solution irrespective of the materials that have been used. Dry ice is capable of getting into the darkest corners when blasting fire residues. It’s a more thorough cleaning method that has been successful where traditional methods have failed.
c) It saves money by restoring instead of replacing
For building developers and contractors, restoring bricks saves them the reconstruction costs. Dry ice blasting works perfectly within most budgets because restoration is involved instead of replacing. Grime and dirt cleaning is a simple job during dry ice blasting process.

d) It replaces sandblasting
This method is superior when compared to sandblasting. This is because dry ice is soft enough not to damage the underlying surfaces. Dry ice quickly sublimes into the air and it’s only the removed materials that must be dried up. Dry ice doesn’t erode or eat away at the surface that is targeted. This means that the integrity of the surface is preserved.
e) It replaces water blasting

Fire restoration using dry ice blasting is an improvement over water blasting for reasons that are listed below:

  1. Generators and electrical parts are put back into service without necessarily waiting for them to dry.
  2. Mold removal is more complete with minimal chances of regeneration because of moisture or water vapor.
  3. Radioactive contaminates do not require large storage containers to keep contaminated water.


The loud noise produced causes irritation to nearby people. Large amounts of carbon dioxide produced can be harmful if not ventilated properly.

Bleach Damaged Hair is Not a Lost Cause

Are You Looking For Ways to Repair Bleach Damaged Hair?

repair bleached damaged hairHaving shiny, healthy and silky locks does not only make you feel more attractive, but also boosts confidence.

Hair dyes, pollution, straighteners and curling irons are some of the main triggers that can cause your hair to look and feel like a brillo pad.

There are many bleached hair care products on the market, but if you are looking to save some cash, they may not be the best solution.

Fortunately, there are ways to fix fried hair at home.

4 Best Home Treatments to Repair Your Bleach Fried Hair

Egg treatment

egg treatment for damaged hairEgg treatment is among the oldest and most effective home remedies for fried hair.

Ok, so the thought of putting egg in your hair seems disgusting, but I think the end result may shock you.

Egg is a good source of protein as well as lecithin that helps in strengthening and repairing your damaged hair.


• Mix three eggs with coconut oil or olive oil
• Add one teaspoonful of honey and then apply it to your damp hair
• Cover your head with a shower cap and then let it set for thirty minutes
• Rinse using shampoo and lukewarm water

Honey hair mask

Honey is another effective natural remedy for damaged hair. Honey makes your hair soft as well as nourished. For better results, you need to apply it frequently.


• Wash your hair
• Apply 1 cup of honey
• Gently massage your scalp after application
• Cover it with a shower cap and then leave your treatment on for about 15-30 minutes
• Rinse it with lukewarm water

Avocado and banana

Avocado has healing nutrients that makes it very useful when it comes to hair treatment. Application of avocado and bananas leaves you with moisturized and nourished hair.

Banana helps in preventing split ends, improves you hair elasticity and makes it softer. When you combine the two, you will get a perfect solution for an at home hair treatment that literally costs next to nothing.


• Mash one avocado and one banana together
• Add one of teaspoonful almond oil to the mashed avocado and bananas
• Massage your scalp using the puree you have prepared
• Cover your head using a shower cap and allow it ten minutes to set

Mayonnaise treatment

Mayonnaise is equally effective when it comes to treating hair. It helps to make your hair more shiny, softer and healthier with time. In addition, application is very simple.


• Massage one cup of mayonnaise into your scalp and down the hair strands
• Cover your head with a shower cap and allow it to set for about 25 minutes
• Rinse using lukewarm water

For more tips on repairing damaged hair, you may want to check out this Facebook page.

In conclusion, it is not mandatory to look for the best conditioner for bleached hair. There are various home remedies that you can apply to regain the health of your hair within weeks. Some of the best natural remedies include egg, avocado and mayonnaise among others.

Njoy King E Cigarette- Best Seller or Bust?

The innovative approach of Njoy King e cig that brings home a genuine enjoyment for some stems from the filter tip softness and new design. The King pack offers a bold, menthol or gold option. Customers also enjoy adding flavors like blueberry or peach to suit their mood.

Njoy King Best SellerAny Njoy King review drives the general opinion of it’s users to the conclusion that it is a best-selling product. Different deals and promotions are running constantly to meet the customers’ demands.

Recommendations of experts circulate around the idea that Njoy King may well act as a substitute during abstinence from traditional cigarettes, and is dramatically better than a gum, patch, etc.

The authentic sense of a real cigarette design and familiar smoking feeling are provided by the inhalation that provokes a liquid vapor, giving you that feeling of a real exhale.

The slim shape of the pack allows easy handling, and the ability to fit it in a pocket or a small purse. The nicotine level can also be tweaked to your liking.

Njoy company advises that the King’s battery is the equivalent of up to 40 cigarettes. Even if that score is less, other attributes perform well. A one-year warranty is a guarantee for the company’s responsible approach and rapid defect elimination.

Drawing Njoy King easily, as well as its mild taste constitutes preferable buying options for customers that may enjoy those specific aspects of an e-cigarette. A good throat hit is also quoted as a positive feature by some used-to-be heavy smokers.

It is not to be underestimated that a touch of glory to Njoy King is also added by the friendly and professional approach of the company staff dealing with online orders. They contribute to the customers’ sense of value for their money.

When Do I Need to Hire a Criminal Lawyer?

ohio criminal defense lawyerFor trivial legal matters such as defying Akron parking rules or small claims court, most people choose to handle these cases on their own. Nonetheless, when faced with a criminal arrest of any nature, it is advisable to seek the services of a qualified criminal defense attorney. Such a professional will know how to protect your rights and secure the most viable outcome for your case.

More importantly, a criminal defense lawyer will help you comprehend the charges that have been brought against you. He will also explain the possible arguments that you have. Here are a few things that you should consider when deciding whether or not hiring a criminal defense lawyer would be in your best interest.


Criminal defense attorneys routinely represent individuals in front of judges throughout Akron, Ohio. For this reason, they are well-versed with the preferences and predispositions concerning particular criminal cases. They have vast knowledge and years of experience, which will be beneficial to your trial. For instance, your lawyer can evaluate the case and establish whether you have any chance of winning the trial.

Familiarity with Legal Procedures

Often, judges dismiss criminal cases because the parties failed to follow the correct legal procedures in the course of arrest or detainment of suspects. In other instances, evidence that could be detrimental to a defendant’s case is deemed irrelevant because an experienced lawyer discovered a law that permits it. Cases involving criminal legal issues are not cut and dry. Consequently, you need to hire a defense attorney who knows how to increase your chances of beating an accusation. Let’s face it, we think we know everything about our charge, but the reality is, in comparison to an attorney, we know nothing.

Avoiding Heavy Penalties

akron criminal defense lawyer free consultationIf you have never faced a criminal charge before, there is a high likelihood that you do not know the stakes involved. As such, it is important to take every measure available to avoid suffering more than necessary.

One mistake that many people who have been accused of a crime make is to assume that they will not be convicted because they are innocent of the filed charges.

Prosecutors tend to be very brutal against alleged criminals; hence, they often advocate for the heavy penalties. A criminal defense attorney can help by ensuring that you get acquitted of any false charges. He will also protect you against unjust sentencing.

Reducing Sentencing

Qualified criminal defense lawyers in Akron know how to strike deals for suspects who are likely to be found guilty. If the court finds you guilty, your attorney can negotiate for the reduction of jail time. He can also advocate a rehabilitation program, which will prevent you from landing in the criminal justice system in future.

In summary, an attorney is really your only option when facing the legal system, as they are trained experts and know how to communicate with prosecutors and other legal professionals who may not be on your side. is a website that provides lawyer recommendations in your area.  This would be a good first step in researching the top Akron criminal attorneys.

How To Choose The Right SEO Company

Many business owners know the importance of Search Engine Optimization, but they aren’t sure of how to choose the right SEO company. In the competitive online world, being number 1 is the key ingredient to attracting new customers. The old fashioned way of marketing is gone, and the new wave of advertising is here. Local businesses that want to stay afloat and be viable must hire a consultant to help them rank higher in the organic search engine results.

SEO involves selecting the right keywords that will attract new customers to your services. These words and phrases are very important, as they are the condensed version of what your business or brand is offering.

How Do I Know What Keywords to Optimize For?

This is a question I get asked a lot. I have worked with many clients who tell me specific keywords that they want to rank for, and then get upset when those phrases do not get them much traffic.  Yet on on the flip side, maybe they chose a keyword that is getting traffic to their site, but it is not converting. It’s not always the most obvious choices that are the best keywords. A good optimization specialist knows exactly how to do the research beforehand to save time and money down the road.

Using these key phrases in the right way is just as important as picking the right keywords to begin with. Think of how many emails or newspaper articles you did not read simply because of the title.  There is also a ratio between the content and keywords that you have to pay close attention to.

What About My Content? Are a Few Paragraphs Enough?

Search engines, specifically Google are getting smarter every day. They are now able to distinguish good quality content rather than words thrown on a page to increase rankings. Their main goal is to deliver high quality content to their users, so they will not return results full of pages that have been stuffed with keywords and images.

seo-to-do-listYour to do list with search engine optimization can be never-ending, and most of all, overwhelming.

It is a unique skill that people on the “outside” of SEO are rarely able to attack using best practices. It is not like riding a bike, where once you learn it you never have to re-train.Things change constantly, and you have to keep up-to-date on what the search engines want, and give it to them.

If you are going to attempt it on your own, you should know exactly what you are doing from the onset. It is not something that you should be “testing”.

Knowing Which SEO Company is Right For My Business

There are a lot of companies who claim to do Search Engine Optimization, but not every one of them can deliver on their promises.

A SEO company in Akron once explained it to me like this:

“If you were to have a house built from the ground up and you hire the cheapest company out there just to save a few bucks, you may have a hard road full of expenses and grief down the road. If the foundation is not put in correctly, this could create a disaster, and the only way to repair it would be to contact another builder to fix the mess.  It is nothing but a headache, and a huge dent in your wallet.”

Choosing your consultant is very similar to choosing your builder. The most important blocks must be put in place with a perfect blueprint the first time to avoid everything crumbling around you.

Here is a video created by the experts at Akron SEO:

Do Your Research First

Business owners should do their own research first before hiring a local search engine optimization agency. Most web development experts are wary to share results from another client’s optimization program, so I would not necessarily take this as a bad sign.

The first, and possibly the most important tip I can give you is to search Google for an seo expert in Akron, or whatever city your business is located in.  If their website is on the first page, you will probably be in good hands. To take that a step further, if they have an additional property on the first page as well, such as a Facebook or Yelp business page, this is an even better sign!

Lastly, do they have any Google or Yelp reviews? If so, read through them; every last one. If your instincts tell you to move one, listen!