The Safe Method for Clean Up After a Fire

Expert Cleaning Method for Fire and Smoke Damage

Dry ice blasting has always been an ideal way for quick recovery from smoke and fire damage. Ice blasting is one of the best cleaning methods for residential and commercial structures that require restoration after being ravaged by fire. It’s a perfect solution as it allows quick recovery for buildings that have been affected by fire damages.

Dry ice blasting also referred to as CO2 blasting is a very effective industrial cleaning method. The blog has quite a bit of information regarding different uses and the process itself. You can also find them on Facebook – Apex Dry Ice Blasting where you can watch videos of how this process works.

How dry ice blasting assists in dealing with fire and smoke damage

a) Quick recovery from commercial fire damages
Dry ice blasting assists in saving time without the need for a special service when combating commercial fire damage. Direct fire effects and other elements lead to harsh environments and further damages while soot and fire residues lead to leaking of toxic chemicals in the air while continuing to eat away surface materials. It’s quite easy to remove such elements harmlessly and quickly without needing special waste removals or chemicals. Dry ice pellets sublimate and don’t create secondary wastes; additional cleanup isn’t necessary when doing fire restoration using dry ice blasting.
b) Thorough cleaning
A house that is undergoing construction or renovation can experience a fire in any area such as electrical fires, a kitchen fire or even fire from candles. In such situations, what is important is how to recover from such fire disasters. Any time you want to remove negative effects of fire elements like smoke odors or soot, dry ice blasting is a gentle cleaning solution irrespective of the materials that have been used. Dry ice is capable of getting into the darkest corners when blasting fire residues. It’s a more thorough cleaning method that has been successful where traditional methods have failed.
c) It saves money by restoring instead of replacing
For building developers and contractors, restoring bricks saves them the reconstruction costs. Dry ice blasting works perfectly within most budgets because restoration is involved instead of replacing. Grime and dirt cleaning is a simple job during dry ice blasting process.

d) It replaces sandblasting
This method is superior when compared to sandblasting. This is because dry ice is soft enough not to damage the underlying surfaces. Dry ice quickly sublimes into the air and it’s only the removed materials that must be dried up. Dry ice doesn’t erode or eat away at the surface that is targeted. This means that the integrity of the surface is preserved.
e) It replaces water blasting

Fire restoration using dry ice blasting is an improvement over water blasting for reasons that are listed below:

  1. Generators and electrical parts are put back into service without necessarily waiting for them to dry.
  2. Mold removal is more complete with minimal chances of regeneration because of moisture or water vapor.
  3. Radioactive contaminates do not require large storage containers to keep contaminated water.


The loud noise produced causes irritation to nearby people. Large amounts of carbon dioxide produced can be harmful if not ventilated properly.

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